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London Potters Guild

Founded in 1981, the London Potters Guild began with a small group of potters who met for nearly a decade in the art room of Sir Frederick Banting Secondary School. We have since become an organization of well over one hundred enthusiastic members.

Our Mandate - Enduring for 25 Years

Our directive has been clear since the Guild was first created. Our founders shared a strong vision for the future, along with a passion for pottery. Together, they spelled out our mandate – nearly unchanged a full 25 years later.

 The London Potters Guild seeks to:

  • Encourage the growth and development of potters;
  • Provide a venue for artistic and educational activities;
  • Foster a high standard of craftsmanship through programs, workshops and classes;
  • Instill an appreciation of pottery and clay art in the London area through appropriate programming; and
  • Provide a welcoming atmosphere to anyone interested in the clay arts.

In Demand

The London Potters Guild has done very well in achieving its mission, encouraging a number of emerging clay artists over the years. The Guild provides a genuinely warm and friendly environment for classes, workshops and clay art production. The London Potters Guild is now looking to the future with confidence and vision. Through our Seize the Clay campaign, have established a dedicated Clay Art Centre for the London area. This larger facility enables the Guild to serve a greater range of people in the community with expanded resources, studio and classroom space, an on-site gallery, exhibition space and an “artist-in-residence” program.


The London Potters Guild welcomes potters and clay artists at all stages of their creative journey – from beginners to professionals.

No matter how talented or experienced our clay artists become, they can always benefit from the exchange of practical ideas and creativity. How could that casserole dish be more streamlined or functional? What about the balance on this cup handle? How much should I charge for a teapot that took seven hours to create? What is a good way to glaze a sculpted figure? Where are the best places to sell?

Guild members have also been able to learn from an extensive range of internationally renowned speakers and world-class instructors (including Harlan House, Ron Roy, Michael Collins, Robert Tetu, Roger Kerslake, Keith Campbell, Wayne Cardinelli and Joe Panacci) who have come to the London area over the years to lead our pottery classes and workshops.

Annual Events

Some of the Guild’s traditions include:

  • Members' work is presented to the public twice each year at our Spring and Fall sales.
  • A juried exhibition in partnership with a public gallery every second year.
  • Annual “Raku Bash” each June where 30 to 40 clay artists brave the heat to create raku masterpieces.
  • Informative workshops that feature outstanding clay artists from London and beyond.
  • Annual "Show and Tell" meeting where all members are encouraged to bring in their works for critique and discussion and to share their summer clay experiences with other members.
  • Pottery courses for the community in beginner, intermediate and advanced levels, offered during three 8-week sessions per year.
  • Training sessions in studio management 3 to 4 times per year.
  • Participation in charity events and other service to the community, such as Empty Bowls
  • Regular monthly meetings with programming related to clay art. Well over 50 percent of our 100 members attend these monthly meetings on a regular basis.

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